B1F9F Shopping Floors 10:3020:30
10F LUCUA Dining 11:0023:00
B2F LUCUA FOOD HALL 11:0022:00
BARCHICA 11:0023:00
  • advanced notice.Thank you for your understanding.
  • Please ask the restaurant staff about the time for last orders.
    Thank you for your understanding.

Shops with different hours

B1F Küche NEW MünchenBeer Restaurant Sunday to Thursday 12:0022:00 Friday/Satueday/Day before holiday 12:0023:00
BAGEL & BAGELBagels 7:0021:00
SWEETS BOXLimited Time Sweets 10:0022:00 ※Closes at 21:00 on store changing days.
MAISON KAYSERBakery, Café Café Area 8:0021:00 Bakery Area 10:0021:00
Lindt Chocolat CafeChocolate, Cafe 11:0020:00
JIBUN DE ESUTESelf-service Beauty Salon and Gym 10:3021:00
boo's kitchenRice balls, prepared foods 7:0020:00
Soup Stock TokyoSoup 7:0021:00
TORISANWAPrepared chicken dish, a bowl of rice topped with boiled chicken and eggs 10:3021:00
comma TOGOTea Bar 11:0021:00
Maker’s Shirt KamakuraMen’s and Women’s shirts and neckties 11:0020:00
1F DanielBaked Goods, Sweets 10:3020:00
7F WIRED CAFECafé 10:3023:00
9F Fujimoto Eye ClinicOptician Clinic Reception Time 11:0018:00
10F GOKURAKU UDON TKUUdon 11:0022:30
B1F Sarabeth'sNew York Cafe & Restaurant Weekdays 11:0018:00 Saturdays/Holidays 10:3020:30
1F FamilyMartConvenience Store Open 24 hours
2F STARBUCKS COFFEE Atrium GardenCafé 7:0022:00
6F Studio cafe ZOO ADVENTURECafé and Playground temporarily closed
7F billsCasual Dining Weekdays 10:3023:00 Saturdays/Holidays 8:3023:00
9F TSUTAYA BOOKSBooks, Café and Relaxation 10:0022:00
WEDDING DESIGN LAB [TSUTAYA BOOKS]Comprehensive support for unique wedding celebrations Weekdays (Reservation is required) 16:0020:00 Saturdays/Holidays 11:0020:00
Cu by uka [TSUTAYA BOOKS]Beauty salon 11:0020:00
JTB [TSUTAYA BOOKS]Travel Information Weekdays 11:0018:00 Saturdays/Holidays 11:0017:30
Baan Hana [TSUTAYA BOOKS]Relaxation 11:0022:00
KITAMURA Apple Authorized Service Provider [TSUTAYA BOOKS]Repair Shop for Apple Products 10:3020:30
Burnish [TSUTAYA BOOKS]Shoe Polishing, Leather Product Care 10:3020:30
ESCENTS [TSUTAYA BOOKS]Aromatherapy Products,Hair care 11:0020:00
Pitta Re:) [TSUTAYA BOOKS]Tailor-made Fitted Shirts 10:3020:30
Oh My Glasses TOKYO [TSUTAYA BOOKS]Eyeglasses 10:0021:00
amritara HOUSE [TSUTAYA BOOKS]Organic Cosmetics,Food Products 10:3020:30
MOTHERHOUSE [TSUTAYA BOOKS]Handbags,Fashion Accessories 10:0021:00
4th Lounge ―BOOK & WORK― [TSUTAYA BOOKS]Co-working Space 10:0021:00
Meeting Room [TSUTAYA BOOKS]Rental Event Venue temporarily closed
10F MARUFUKU COFFEECafé and Restaurant 10:3023:00
genkininaru noujo restaurant mokumokuBuffet Restaurant Specializing in Vegetables Weekdays 11:0023:00 Saturdays/Holidays 10:3023:00
Café La PauseFrench Café and Restaurant 11:0022:30